Places to Eat

Tap 21

Located in downtown Manistique on Cedar Street, Tap 21 is most known for the 21 different tap beers ready to order.  They have a large menu from appetizers, kids menu, and different specials each night. Open 11 am - 2 am  Phone 906-286-4455

Cedar Street Cafe

Located in the Downtown on Cedar Street, Cedar Street Cafe has a large menu with Coffee, large portions for breakfast and lunch.  Open 8 am - 2 pm Phone 906-341-2469

Wheatys Pub

Located on the corner of Cedar Street and Walnut. Wheatys pub is best known for there homemade sauces they put on there wings and there homemade seasonings for there tacos. Open 11 am - 2 am Phone 906-341-6776

Marley's Bar and Grill

Marley's Bar and Grill is located on Walnut Street in downtown Manistique. Marley's is known for there homemade buns, and there juicy burgers. Open 11 am- 2 am Phone 906-341-8297


Located in Downtown Manistique on Cedar Street. Boustique is know for there homemade Fudge and sakleys candy.  They also have Dairy Kream ice cream ready for scooping. Open 10 am - 5 pm Phone 906-286-4374

Big Boy

Located on US-2 just outside of the downtown area on your way to Jacks Grocery store. Big Boy is known for there great salad bar and wide variety to choose from. Open 6 am - 10 pm Phone 906-341-6941

Three Seasons Cafe

Three Seasons Cafe is located on US-2 just 3 miles outside of the downtown area.  Three seasons is best known for there fish fry, and homemade food. Open 7 am - 9 pm Phone 906-341-3463

Upper Crust

Upper Crust is located just over the Bridge from the Downtown area across from Burger King. Upper Crust Deli is best know for there fresh cut meats and homemade breads. Open 10 am - 2 pm Phone 906-341-2253

The Grind Coffee House

The Grind is located in downtown Manistique.  The grind is best known for there fresh coffee and muffins. Open 7 am - 3 pm Phone 906-286-1137

The 40 Bar and Grill

The 40 Bar and Grill is located on the West side of the downtown area. The 40 is best known for there fresh cooked stomboli  and homemade pizza. They have many good items on there large menu. Open 11 am - 9 pm Phone 906-341-8212

Main Street Pizza

Main Street Pizza is located in the downtown of Manistique. They are best known for there homemade crust, baked subs and delivery option. Open 11 am - 12 am Phone 906-341-6966

China King

China King is located in downtown Manistique on Cedar Street. China king is the perfect place to eat when you are looking for a little change up in menu.  Best known for there friend rice, and there deep friend dumplings.  Open 11 am - 9:30 pm Phone 906-341-8885

Big Springs

Big Springs is located 1263 M-149, Manistique MI 49854. That is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Manistique.  Bring springs is best known for there large craft beer selection, great salad bar, and dinner selections. Open 12 pm -9 pm  Phone 906-644-2506

Jackpine Restaurant

Jackpine is located 5350 M-94 Manistique MI 49854.  That is about a 20 minute ride from downtown Manistique. Jackpine is best known for there juicy burgers, and there smoked pork.  On there specials menu fish is always a delicious treat.  Open 12 noon - 12 am Phone: 906-573-2414


The Elks is located in downtown Manistique on Walnut Street.  The Elks dinner is best known for there fish dinners.  They have a growing menu from appetizers to kids menu.  Open 4 pm - 9 pm on Friday's Phone 906-341-2536

Dairy Kream

Dairy Kream is located in our Downtown Area.  Dairy Kream is best known for there soft serve ice cream, and there hand dipped ice cream. Open 11 am - 10 pm Phone 906-341-5921